Here is a selection of sounds, bits of poetry and prose, that I’ve been carrying round in my head, and that have influenced and inspired Overwinter — I hope you enjoy them and also find them inspiring!

George Oppen “Of Being Numerous” (1968)

“Obsessed, bewildered

By the shipwreck of the singular,

We have chosen the meaning

Of being numerous”

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I wrote an MA dissertation on Oppen (a few years ago), and more than any other poet, his words keep coming back to me, especially now.

From Disaster (from The Materials, 1962)

“Ultimately the air

Is bare sunlight where must be…

A few people have asked what the woodwind instrument is in Return Of The Sun, particularly at the end.

In 2018 while working on the song, I was also writing the score for the BBC1 feature documentary Grenfell, directed by Ben Anthony.

The film really brings out the fact that the Grenfell disaster was a consequence of conscious corporate neglect; ‘managed decline’ in public housing, presided over by elected Council officials. Attending the silent marches in London was a powerful and sobering experience.

Two pieces in the score feature woodwind player, Nick Moss, on bass clarinet, with layers of…

Andrew’s selection of music & films watched and listened to this year


Thomas Ades — O Albion

This is from Thomas Ades’ first string quartet written in 1994. I think it expresses our current moment beautifully.

Albanie Polyphones Vocales Et Instrumentales

This recording was made in 1988, and opened my ears to harmonies and intonation I’d never heard quite like this before- sadly I don’t think they did vinyl for this one, but you can get a CD on Discogs.

Louis Andriessen — Symfony For Open Strings

I heard this over the summer, and it blew my…

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(from Scott Of The Antarctic, Ealing Studios, 1948)

Andrew from Grasscut here, I’m going to be sharing some bits and pieces about the music we’re releasing over the next few months.

The song Return Of The Sun has nothing to do with the rather gung ho film about Scott from 1948, except for the fact that I couldn’t get the image above out of my head after seeing the film a few years ago. In the winter of 2018, I was on one of my many walks around Brighton and started chatting regularly to a man who was living with all his possessions in a shelter on the…

Grass Cut

Grasscut is composer producer and singer Andrew Phillips, and manager-from-within and musician Marcus O’Dair

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